We take the student to be the heart of our ethical vision and source of pedagogical inspiration.

The Ethics Lab is designed to inspire and, thence, to develop and strengthen the muscle of the student’s ethical body. We believe that our students are, in effect, our protagonists and, in more senses than one, our heroes. We see them as the reservoir of our ethical future. We declare that the student, in this context, is not just an untrained young subject seeking professional erudition, endowed with an apparatus of a preexisting omniscient educational system. Rather, she and he are a source of infinite ethical richness: a fount of understudied ethical intuitions and knowledge, a begetter of human wisdom with the potential of inspiring the ethical growth of fellow students, peers, and people worldwide. The Ethics Lab seeks to explore this source of human wealth and to create an educational, pedagogical, and research platform to present this corpus of diverse human experience, demonstrating that Ethics can not only be taught (a controversial idea in its own right). Rather—and more critically—it can be exercised and taught in an innovative way that produces significant motivation for change on the part of the future generation of filmmakers in their local as well as international, professional, and native communities.