The Project

The Ethics Lab was conceived out of the conviction that ethics matters, equally, to all of us.  In that spirit, the program offers a method of collecting ethical evidence from film students around the world, to share with CILECT’s global community.

We are committed to the idea of establishing an original database of first-hand ethical experience and knowledge — a collective research platform and an innovative pedagogical bedrock to meet the ethical challenges facing teachers, educators and students — future filmmakers and media makers — in the 21st century.

Each Ethics-Lab event is programmed for three days. It includes the following elements: introduction remarks; writing a personal ethical testimony; group discussion; presentation of selected ethical concepts, such as virtue, duty, utility, freedom and care; and video documentation of the participants’ ethical testimonies and reflections on them.

The program has a clear structure yet it is tailor made — sensitive to predictable modifications growing out of each school’s distinct cultural and professional identity. Each event is planned in coordination with the school’s professionals. Issues such as the number of participants per event, workflow adjustments, specific contents, and terminology are considered individually with each school.

Video testimonies are then uploaded online through a special, secured link of CILECT’s official website. Next, all testimonies are made accessible for teaching purposes to all CILECT member schools, in all five regions: open to reciprocal conversation, reflection, and analysis for production and theory classes around the world.

The Ethics Lab program suggests that if we all take part in a communal critical-listening process to our student’s yet untold ethical hearts and minds — uttered in their own words — we will not only expand our ethical sphere — just as importantly, we will create and then participate in a global circle of solidarity. In forming this circle, we broaden and reaffirm our common ethical grounds, crystalizing the acknowledgment that we all have a treasure to cultivate and a fortune to gain by first realizing and then sharing our students’ ethical testimonies.