The Ethics Lab offers a method of collecting ethical evidence and establishing this body of evidence as a research and pedagogical platform. Its rationale is founded on a bottom-top model of inquiry that hinges on the axiomatic notion that we, as moral agents, bear individualized reminiscences of a firsthand, meaningful moment of ethical awareness. This moment pertains either to our recent or distant past—an instant in which we felt, in more ways than can be described here, a sense of ethical wonder, a feeling of the sort that might escape attention at the actual moment of its occurrence or, worse, lacks words to describe it. This happenstance, however, occurred. Our moral compass is active, and in the context of the student’s early-in-cinematic-life-experience, the story of this moment of an ethical puzzlement already encapsulates and represents an as-yet-unpronounced sensitivity to humans’ shared ethical interdependency. We make clear to the student that this exclusive memory site could well have been no more than a brief instant that struck her/him as out of the ordinary.